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Valsalva Wave Pro presents 2 breathing pacers. Each pacer presents frequencies ranging from 4 breaths per minute to 7 breaths per minute. Breathing pacers are useful for training breathing rhythmicity and commensurate depth.

The mean frequency of resonance for the adult population is between 5 breaths per minute and 5.5 breaths per minute depending on numerous factors including time of day, digestive status, hydration, relaxation, etc.

Begin by determining if the heart rate is "rational", i.e. sinusoidal and compliant with changes in respiration. If so, proceed to work on cultivating coherence. If not, begin working with pacing and cultivation of deep relaxation during exhalation.

Find the frequency that facilitates the smoothest heart rate cycle and the lowest "resonance curve", i.e. the one the most approaches -1.


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